Three Hundred and Thirty Paws

Dear Brothers,

Greetings from nap time snoozes on the parent’s bed. It is a drip, drip, drippy kind of day today. You know the type of day little ones. It’s so drippy that the rain comes back up to boop you on the nose. The sky, the ground, and the fence all match with their drippiness. I’m quite exhausted from the early time this morning that you both woke up. Although, little one, you fell back asleep, but mama was up and, “at ‘em” right when you started making noise. She did her routine and then laid down for a bit. Then I heard both of you make noises and we were all, “up and at ‘em,” together.

The best part of my morning time was when you cuddled with me LDB. I loved the couch snuggles and giving little one encouragement on his mat. You worked hard on your belly littles, you’re almost there with the rolling business. I just know that it’ll happen sooner than later and I’ll have you trailing around after me and maybe one day, to give me snuggles too. Secretly, I just can’t wait. LDB you’ve been quite busy with the crane you got for Hannukah. It looks like a full on construction site in the middle of the carpet where we all play. Who knew they made tiny versions of what we go see every few days? I like the miniature version just fine, except when it visits me in my sleepy spots. Those events, I don’t like. Off to the dreamy lands now! 



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Sunshine beauty!

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