Three Hundred and Thirty Two Paws

Dear Brothers,

Ok, let’s talk bath time. Now, you both have a bath at the same time, but not in the same tub yet because well, LDB, you’re a wee bit bigger than IRB and that’s not the safest plan until he can support himself better with posture. So, this dual bath deal makes my job a bit more challenging. Here’s why: I run between two rooms and routines making sure that both my babes are ok! I love to drink water from a cup prior to the soapy business with you LDB and then I get splashed by your kick-kick-kicks IRB.

You both share bath time with me in some form or another. I love the bath time because I know for certain that stories and milks for one babe and stories for the other are coming up next. Then, after all that TLC business for both of you is: KIMMY TIME! I get mama and dada all to myself during sleep times. We play a bit, do my potty routine, and my vitamins and foods. Then I get lots of pets, hugs, and snuggles while they both do the chat talk chat chat thing before going upstairs to have their sleeps. I like to sleep on my chair bed or sometimes I sneak to your spot. LDB I’m not sure why you think it is just your spot, but never the less, I recognize it as such and I generally don’t go on there unless you’re eating your foods at the table place or sleeping in your bed. Life’s pretty great for us, you gotta admit. We have foods, shelters, loves, and sleeps. What more could we ask for? 



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Beautiful star belly on display.

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