Three Hundred and Twenty Two Paws

Dear Tiny Humans,

Guesssssssss what? It’s almost Hannukah and it’s mama’s birthday this weekend. We have been decorating a little bit here and a little bit there. You’re both snoozing so naturally, what am I doing? Snooze as well, of course! It’s a sunny day in the neighborhood, but it is quite cold and windy.

The squirrels have been running rampant in the back yard digging up bulbs, nuts, and seeds. We did a little ditty yesterday for these two squirrels that were scavenging in our plant boxes. They were stinker squirrels indeed. Sometimes mama will catch them with their paws securely fashioned around a bulb from our tulip garden. She’ll then tell them all sorts of reasons to put the bulb back. However, squirrels do not listen, so I’m not sure why mama continues to tell them these things. You were lecturing them too LDB and telling them, “No, no squirrels, no no don’t dig up the bulbs!” You are a fierce and knowledgeable human Leo. Thanks for backing up my protection methods. I love you to the moon and back. 



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Close up, cute nose.

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