Three Hundred and Twenty One Paws

Dear Brothers,

I am sitting in the almost dark, lying down actually, waiting for the mama to take me upstairs to greet both of you. I’ve done my business, had my breakfast, and gotten the cuddles. I’m ready for the day to begin. What do I hear? Crickets. Ha! Did you like that joke, well it’s sort of a joke I think. Mama says that sometimes… crickets. What does it mean exactly? I don’t know for sure, but I think she is funny, I laugh and so do you two. Speaking of laughs, Irving, you’ve got quite the giggle on you. I. Love. It.

There is something about a baby laugh that makes my heart skip a beat. It’s one of the best sounds that there is. You and mama had this giggle fest after your nursing last night. You thought it was quite funny to put your whole fist in your mouth and mama would tease you and pull it out again and you would laugh and laugh IRB. Now, Leo’s laughs can make me extra excited and hyper. This can especially occur when accompanied by a romp or run around the house. I get super excited to see you and to play together. I lose all sense and I race around and around the house and then I have to rest. I’ll just plop right down onto the floor and pant. I have now moved back to my blanket bed on the tiny couch. Y’all are snoozing so I might as well get some extra, “shut eye,” in while I can. 



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“Oh hey there mom.”

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