Two Hundred and Twenty Three Paws

Dear Brothers,

There’s this word that mama and daddy talk about a lot which starts with the letter, “K.” It rhymes with mind and the word is: KIND! Yup, that’s the one. This morning mama was busy doing the milky business with Irving and you were, “Not chasing me, but you were chasing Leo…” with the dreaded green garbage truck. Here’s the thing about this toy, it’s fun for you, but not for me because if I get bumped, or if it goes near my paws I worry about that it’ll hurt. I know that you don’t mean to bump me, but there are times when you have a stinker stroke come through and you terrorize me when the grown ups aren’t watching closely. Mama was watching and she was asking you if your choices were kind. I kept hearing the word kind and it got me thinking… why is kindness important? Here are a few reasons why I think it is important: 

  1. It generates warm fuzzies
  2. Kindness helps make the world a brighter place for those in it.
  3. It has the same beginning letter sound as cookies, so it sounds delicious.
  4. Us dogs are exemplary models of kindness. 
  5. We feel more grounded and peaceful when we are kind.
  6. It helps the environment and atmosphere when we’re outside in the fresh air and breeze with the air currents.
  7. Kindness is something you can count on even when you’re not treated with kindness. 
  8. It’s a four letter word and I like things that are groups of fours like my legs, my paws, my paw pad and toenails.
  9. It’s something as easy as a tail wag or body bump to lets the other doggy know you’re there.
  10. It’s like love, but not quite as tail deep. 



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“Ummm, hey momma!”

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