Three Hundred and Twenty Paws

Dear Small Humans,

Guess what? We have taken three walks in a row the last few days! It’s been colder and colder days, but we have gotten out and about to venture around our neighborhood for our walks. Some of our walks last week were in the dark, which I don’t love, but will still accompany the family on. Why would I not go on a walk? Walks are my favorite or best part of my day.

Every night you ask me, “Kimmy what part best day?” And I always answer that the best part of my day was our walk, if we have gotten to go on one, which is most days. I love the sense of cold in the air that tickles my nose right now. You can tell that it’s winter time because there’s also a chill on my paws after the walks too. You said something about a, “birth-a-day,” yesterday when we were chatting with our friends on the computer LDB. I think it might be mama’s birth-a-day soon. She always gets older in the winter time. I can smell it when we get close.

Sometimes there are flowers, floating things from the wall or ceiling and dun-dun-duuuuuun: balloons. Those balloons used to scare me, but now I know that they’re harmless. Bella cat used to be afraid of the balloons too!  I mean, can you blame her? Things floating and bobbing around in the air taking up enormous amounts of space can be quite unnerving especially when you’re a ground dweller as we both were. She was not a tree cat, but rather a bush cat, like the Jackson Galaxy cat daddy talked about. I know a lot about that because we used to watch his show and I learned all about cat life with him, and also while listening to his book be read on our car rides. Alrighty, I’m extra tired after that noise in the night. I gotta get an early nap in. 



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Squinting before the doggy kisses come in!

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