Three Hundred and Nineteen Paws

Dear Little Brothers,

Woof! Last night there was a crash in the middle of the night. Did you hear it too? I sure did because I was snoozing on the couch! I was so worried about the noise that I hopped off of my cozy couch bed and I slept by the window on the carpet and mat. I wasn’t uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t say that I was cozy! When daddy came downstairs he saw me on the floor and knew something was up! He looked around and then noticed the keys and magnet cloud on the floor. Who knew that something so small could make such a racket on the floor? As I said that I realized that I knew that small things can make loud noises, you two can certainly produce loud and strong sounds indeed! We say you have, “Strong voices!” Speaking of which IRB you have been experimenting with sounds lately and you have learned the dinosaur vocalizations. I remember when LDB ventured through this stage. We were all taken by surprise when one day you produced the loudest and strongest pterodactyl voice we had ever heard. Mama was fairly certain that you were part dinosaur Leo. I knew that you were part puppy, but I didn’t know what a dinosaur was until mama read us the book, “How do dinosaurs say goodnight?” That was a funny book, speaking of which, we should book shop today dude! I miss book shopping, we should do that this morning. I’ll let mama know it’s a good book shop day. 



Happiest together.

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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