Three Hundred and Thirteen Paws

Dear Brothers,

You both have the cutest laughs. Sometimes I smile and laugh too. I’m best at smiling though, laughing is a little bit more challenging for dogs because it is a unique combination of a smile-pant and tail wag. I smile boldly when I am playing out in the yard. I love to race around and feel the air flap my ears. This also makes you both laugh too, to see my flying around the yard being a free and happy dog.

Who knew I could ensue such laughter? I think that’s one of the best sounds in the world, baby laughter and cheerfulness. Other times I listen to crying or whining sounds. When you have really large feelings over and over I have a hard time listening to it and so I need to get outside and relax my body.  I love you both so much and I try to help you through your feelings. So, let’s work together on breathing and then smile together.



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Dog crawl to the dog.

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