Three Hundred and Four Paws

Dear family,

Hi there, Kimmy doggy here to fill you in on some current feelings. Did y’all know that I am quite aware of your usage of technology? By this I mean, I know that y’all photos and videos of me. I understand just how photogenic I am, but please paws or pause and think, “Would Kimmy like to have a photo or memory of this current moment?”

Now, by this I mean, is it truly necessary to photograph me while I am in the midst of a sneeze, or cough, or sigh when one of the little’s is accosting me? I mean now really, m-o-m. I do understand that you want to capture moments throughout life to share and look back upon, but sometimes, it’s more than enough to just take the moment in and appreciate it for what it is, a memory and moment we share with each other. Sometimes us doggy’s like to keep some things sacred, and I do know that you understand that, most of the time. That’s why I thought I should write a little reminder and put it out there. I love and appreciate the picture and video times, but sometimes mental snapshots are best. 



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Baby side eye.

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