Two Hundred and Ninety Three Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi big dude. I like you, just the way you are. I heard someone say that a while ago, well I have heard someone say that quite a few times actually. It’s someone named, “Daniel Tiger.” I am not sure who that is exactly, what I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s the voice on the black box above the fireplace that says it. I think he’s the tiger in a tv show that you talk about. I like those words though, a lot. I feel that way about you and your brother. You’re so special to me and I hope that you feel that whenever I am near you.

Sometimes we have a hard time understanding one another, especially if there’s food involved, which I can understand, food is delicious and I want all of it that you’re willing to share. However, I do recognize that I can’t have it all the time. You have a lot of big feelings when it comes to your foods and I have begun to realize this information. I try to give you your space, because we talk about giving each other space. I need space sometimes and that’s why I yawn at you when you crawl on my back. Or other times I will yawn and stand up, which invariably means that you might topple over me and flop onto the floor, especially if you were trying to cuddle with me. Never the less, as the tiger says, I like you JUST the way you are. 



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Curled up, just like a pup.

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