Two Hundred and Ninety One Paws

Dear Brothers,

Greetings from the couch, well really, the blanket on the couch, i.e. my bed now. I’ve been snoozing down here for four straight months. It’s just a lot of work for me to head upstairs after I have my night time snack and vitamins, so I have begun to settle into, “Kimmy time,” routines after you are both in your respective beds. I would happily snooze in either of your rooms, but apparently my midnight ear shakes wake humans up. I am not quite understanding of what all that means, but I rest easy right here.

Both mama and dada came downstairs before the sunlight began to shine. This early riser-ship wakes me up, but I do my best to get my shut eye in when I can. It’s not easy to squeeze in that last hour of quiet time with these noisy parents, but I do my best to retain my coiled position and quietly rest my body. Sometimes I pretend that I am in the woods sleeping and enjoying a cozy resting spot on a bed of leaves.

Actually, that thought reminded me of something. Our Uncle Scot came to visit and say goodbye yesterday morning. I was SO EXCITED to see him that I circled around him, the yard, and him again and again and again and again. As I was saying, I was beyond ecstatic. He is one of my favorite human beings. He used to wrestle, play, and pet me all the time when I was a small puppy, and so I will fur-ever be grateful to him for his human kindness. He seemed to have a lot of happy vibes happening when he visited. I think he might even be experiencing a big shift in his life because they said something about another place, and he smelled like warm air and big skies. Maybe we’ll get to go in the car and visit him and his sweet wife one day? I like Ms. S. a lot. She gives me lots of verbal confirmation that I’m a good doggy and she laughs really kindly. These are the things we need to pick up on about humans beings, my boys. You can always sniff out trouble, and notice human kindness, remember that! 



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Baby pets and yawns.

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