Two Hundred and Ninety Two Paws

Dear Kimmy,

Irving here, writing with mama’s help. DOGGYYYYYYYYY! Hi friend! You are so tall! Why are you so tall? And also, why do you walk on all four of your legs? Why don’t mama, dada, and brother do that too? Will I walk on four legs? I just learned that I have hands. Well, I think I just learned that, anyways, they’re there and I love them! I love them so much that when I am in my swaddle I PULL them out and snuggle up to my hands.

Why do the parents move my hands before I do the sleeps? Do you know? Do you have a swaddle too? It looks kind of like you swaddle yourself on that spot up high that you sleep on. I like to watch you Kimmy because you can move around me and you’re always here so I know you’re part of the family. I like when you kiss my toes, that’s a funny feeling. I’m not so sure about how I feel when you try to kiss my face though, and my head, and my cheeks, and my ears, and my nose, and my mouth. Mama always rushes over when you start licking my face so I’m not sure how she feels about it either. I appreciate all the licks, I think that means you love me. It’s kind of like how I drool on mama and dada to show them that I love them too. I get it with the drools. Our mouths are really important parts of our bodies! All of this writing has tuckered me out Kim-Kim. I’m going to go lay down for some more sleeps.


IRB-baby-tiny human two

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