Two Hundred and Eighty Paws

Dear Little Human Brothers,

Hiya! Boy, we had an exciting drive together this morning. I would NOT let mama leave me out from the adventure so I raced my body into the garage like this, “ZOOM!” Next, we raced around and around the garage while mama said, “Walk please, please be careful on the concrete floor, Kimmy come!”

After our mini-romp I came and jumped into the front seat of the car. The front seat, is my spot! I love to sit there and look back at you two. The front seat is a good spot to help steer, watch over, and get pets from mama or dada. Mama gave me some kisses at red stop lights and you said funny comments brother. You said, “You looking at me Kimmy? Want some chocolate on your head Kimmy? I love you Kimmy.” I liked the last statement the best, ha, gee I wonder why? I think it’s obvious I love you too buddy! 

We saw so many things on our drive today! We saw, “Five fork lifts, three dump trucks, one road roller, two bulldozers, countless pick up trucks, four fire trucks, lots of flags, and one choo-choo train!” That’s a long list of things that we spotted from the car isn’t it? I’m getting pretty good at distinguishing these human objects too. I mostly just listen closely and stare at my humans, but I can tell you the difference between a road roller and a forklift any paw day! Just try me! Well, I gotta go catch some Zzz’s because I’m exhausted from the morning session of business. 



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Hanukkah paws.

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