Two Hundred and Eighty One Paws

Dear Kimmy,

Hi, It’s LDB here, reporting from nap land that we are on duty by the red slide in our yard. Come on Kimmy! Don’t let the squirrels nab the castle! Wheeeeee! You’re so good at supporting me by the slide Kimmy. I love it Kim-Kim! Wait, watch me, wheeeee! Did you see how I slid down on my belly? Haha! I can do that in dream land because mama won’t let me in real time land. 

I don’t quite understand WHY I can’t go up the slide with my feet and down on my belly, but it had something to do with a word that started with the letter, “S.” I think the word was….. safety!  That’s a word I hear a lot t home.  I understand that word more so after I hurt myself, but I hear it when mommy and daddy say it to me and I do think about it. It mostly has to do with not injuring myself and thinking of a safer choice to make instead, even if I don’t want to do it. Mommy has me practice saying affirmations such as, “I can make a safe choice, or I can be responsible!”  There are times when I am not interested, and then self talk helps me get through the feelings.  Alright, back to our dreamland play, let’s gooooooo!



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A present for me?!

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