Two Hundred and Fifty Eight Paws

Dear Brothers,

Thank you for being so loving with me after my bath. I’m not so fond of the baths, but I am used to them now, truth be told. I knew I was the pup in the house that was going to get a bath today, I had a feeling in my tail about it. When I heard the water running midday, I just knew it. You both take baths before bed time and the parents take them whenever, but dada said bath, then went upstairs, and then I was summoned. It’s been a while since I had a “b” thing, and I felt so elated and relieved when I was finished being bathed that I decided to run full force down the stairs. Mama’s voice stopped me though and I waited until she opened the gate thing for me.

You were super jazzed up Leo, you raced around yelling, “Kimmy! Kimmy, wait Kimmy!” I knew I needed to wait little dude, I appreciate the care and concern you provided towards me. You’re a thoughtful and kind human. I’m so glad that you’re all a part of my pack. I’m not quite sure where I’d be without my human pack, and vice versa. You know that I take the best of care when we’re out on our walks. Our walks are lead by me, the official Kimmy. Plus, now that I’m super squeaky clean, my fur shines in the sunlight on these walks I lead. Gotta go nap.



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