Two Hundred and Fifty Nine Paws

Dearest Tiny Humans,

Hello. It is I, Kimmy. I have returned for another installment of, well, wait, what is this thing called? Oh yeah, A BLOG! Or as I like to say, “A blob!” The smallest human is doing the nap-nap thing in his baby bed. I am lying by momma guiding her with my words. Who knew that this would be such a bonding experience for us?! I mean I loved her before, and I love her even more now that we have two puppy babies and our blob, oops I meant to say blog. Sheesh, these human words are more complex than I ever considered.

It’s funny how reliant humans are upon words. In the dog world, we are much more reliant upon our senses and physical movements. This is why I watch you two little humans so closely. It’s also a reason why I like to be as close to you as possible to assure your safety.  I have now realized that I am not always in charge when it comes to the realm of proximity to both of you. However, I would like to set the record straight about something. Even though we might not always be together, I’m always thinking about my little brothers. Y’all are the most important parts of my life. Let’s play outside when you wake up lil ones. It’s sunny and blue skies again. Boy we sure did miss the sky, now didn’t we?



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Patio views, peeks of sunshine, and paws.

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