Two Hundred and Fifty One Paws

Dear Little Dudes,

Hi there. Greetings to the world and us from the beach. We traversed a mountain of sand this morning at full speed gallop aka Kimmy style. I had so much fun taking in every snuffly smell that I could, while pulling dad along for the ride. I was so jazzed that once we got up the mountain of sand, we had to race full speed down the other side of it. While running, dad and I leapt over a log that was actually a lip that lead us over an edge that we weren’t aware of. Good thing I have four feet to land on, and dad has two sturdy legs. We let you both know that there was a big edge coming up as you two approached it. I say two because Irving and mama are like one entity when he is in the front pack. One day he’ll walk on two human legs like you Leo, but for now, he does the, become one with mama or dada thing, aka: the front pack. I loved it when you ran up to me yelling my name Leo, that made me feel super proud to be your dog buddy. I love when we’re altogether and adventuring into the great unknown.

Later we raced down to the water and back up towards mama. I went full throttle towards mama and you raced too Leo. You watched as dada let go of my leash so that I wouldn’t, “take mama out,” with the lead as I ran around her and Irving at full speed. I haven’t made that kind of, “wild dog running,” face in quite a while. I love being adventurous and letting loose while running. My joints were a little sore when I got home though, so I’ve been resting quite a bit. Mama and dada say that it is important for me to rest and not romp about because I have some joint issues. I feel better when I take my doggy joint treat, but we forgot to bring them with us to this beautiful place. There’s a lot of things to remember and so, it’s ok to forget things sometimes. I love you boys. Thanks for taking me to the happiest place on earth, the beach, and for taking in the adventures together. 



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