Two Hundred and Forty Nine Paws

Dear Brothers,

Did you know that there is a place called, the beach? Well, now that I think of it, Leo knows about it. Irving on the other hand has not heard, seen, or visited the beach. This wondrous place is filled with smells, water, sand, and all the shells of crabs you could imagine. My favorite thing to do on the beach is: run. I love it when the wind blows so hard that my ears fly up. It’s the best feeling to be free, moving, and smelling everything in sight. I couldn’t imagine a better day than one spent on the beach with my boys. You two grow so fast, and I keep thinking that I’m growing too, but maybe it’s just in my heart. You know your heart can grow, or so I hear. Perhaps it’s that metaphorical thing the big humans talk about? Your heart and mind expand, but your body stops growing, but it does change or transform in a way. This is especially true since you two humans came along. I love you puppy brothers. 



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Kisses for daddy

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