Two Hundred and Forty Five Paws

Dear Brothers,

Do you ever wonder where the sunshine goes? Sometimes I wonder that during the night time. I also wonder why we can’t all just lay on the blankets and cuddle all night… although, I have a sneaking suspicion that it has something to do with how I like to stretch my legs out in my sleep. I like to wiggle closer to mama and dada when they are sleeping on the bed and I join them. I stretch my legs WAY out and then wiggle until I get comfortable. I don’t think I could fit inside of your bed Leo and definitely not in Irving’s sleep space, but none the less, a dog can dream. Maybe once you’re all big boys we can have big sleep over parties and cuddle in your bed with blankets.

Right now I’m laying close to mama because she needs my doggy vibes sent to her in order to write this bloggy letter correctly. I tell you, it’s challenging work to be a dog. My job is never done, not even in my sleep! If I hear you talking Irving, I jump right up and run upstairs to be near you and to help you sleep well.

Although, the big humans have taken to having me sleep downstairs on my blanket chair and to stay downstairs during the early early morning sleep time too. I don’t mind it too much, but I do have to say, I miss their bed and sending my dream currents to you two boys more directly. Something about being downstairs interrupts the dream current process. That’s why I sneak upstairs and lay in the hallway so then I can send both of you our dream pathway at the same time! Shh, don’t let the big humans know too much. I’ll see you soon.



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Quiet and peaceful moments on the doggy bed.

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