Two Hundred and Forty Four Paws

Dear Brothers,

Where did you go? I can’t believe that dada put you into the car without mama and I. I am very unsure about what is happening right now. We’re either all together as a family of five or I am alone taking a nap-o at home. I’m not quite sure the reasoning, but it’s strange never the less.

On the other paw, mama is eating her foods at the table. Now, this would ordinarily be inconsequential business, but she did something odd. She sat down to eat her food and is typing what I tell her to do. I was standing as close to her as possible and sniffing to check to see what food was on the plate and she told me the most astonishing thing. She said, “Kimmy, please go lay down or by the window…” I just don’t think she understands how dogs function. All I can focus on is the food smells and the wonderment of the scents. My nose has taken over the moment and there is nothing else that I can do about it until the moment is broken.

Ah hah! There it is, my epiphany: she doesn’t want to share her food, silly mama. I guess it might also be because she is experiencing her first solo meal sans brothers, sans dada, and sans any sound machine noise from the monitors. I can’t really blame her. I still wander around her and the table, giving it a wide birth so that I can check on the smells of the food that is vanishing. I’ll let you know if there’s anything good that is left little ones. I know that you love all things bread-bread Leo, and well Irving, you’re on a straight milk diet so, there’s that. 



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Quiet moments in the evening for the guardian dog.

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