Two Hundred and Forty Three Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hi there humans. Guess what? In all of the past five months hullabaloo business with this virus, mama’s belly, and now you, beautiful Irving, we forgot my birthday. I don’t mean to sound, “ho-hum,” about it at all, but it’s a fact. My birthday was missed, insert sigh here.

Mama estimates that my birthday must be around April 19. So there you have it, that date has long since passed and we didn’t have a part-ay like I had anticipated that we would. Now, I did not expect too much pomp and circumstance, however, a nice iced dog biscuit with my name would have been appreciated. So I made up in my mind that my birthday gift was you Irving. I get to lick your head and your toes and they are much tastier than any other kind of treat, however, let the record hold that, I’m not one for passing up a dog treat.

Moving onto other topics at paw, the vet, being a long standing one in my life. I don’t know what it is about these humans and their obsession with bringing me to the vet. I went to the vet the other day and I knew I was going there because it was a solo ride with dada and I in the car. Let’s be honest, the only place I go alone with a human is to the vet. The humans with the blue clothes and antiseptic smells were quite friendly though. I protested upon entry and then gave in. I sat down and put my paws out, but dada helped me down the walk way and through the vet door. The people ran all these tests with beeps, pinches, and pets. I came back to dada and the only few words I paid any mind to were these: less romping around, hips, and food.

Now if I were to decipher what exactly that all means, I would sum it up as this: something with my hips hurts when I run, and I should eat more food. But this summation proved perplexing because I feel like I am on the receiving end of substantially less doggy food than normal, however I am still fed at all the regular times. I’m working on this with my canine sensibilities. I could probably count my kibbles one by one, but by the time I get my food I don’t have the will power to wait and count it out. I’ll just eat it when I feel like it and watch those big humans. They make all sorts of funny decisions. Who knows why they do the things they do?! I do know this for sure, I love you all, the big and the small. 



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