Two Hundred and Forty One Paws

Dear Brothers,

Yesterday was another scorcher of a day. We took a walk as a triad before you woke back up lil’ dude. Sometimes you sleep in baby brother. Other days you wake up during our walk time. I love taking you both outside and walking super proudly because I have both of my brothers on either side of me. When we walk by neighbors of the two or four footed kind I wag my tail, I hold my head up high and strut, just a little bit. I have a bit of a bounce to my step because I’m so happy to be outside, in the sunshine, with my pack.

I’m the leader of our pack, obviously, being the only sure footed creature of the bunch, but I like to pretend that you two are my puppies and that I instill my sure footed wisdom into you daily. For example, when you come and give me kind pets, hugs, and kisses Leo, I know that you’ve been listening to my doggy requests for kind touches. Irving, you are working on recognizing me, I understand this to be a novel concept for one so young of age. I must go off and trot with daddy and you Leo for our morning jaunt. I’ll be back to pick you up soon Irving. 



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Paws, boots, and dirty windows: happiness on the patio or shall I say, “Pat-poh?!”

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