Two Hundred and Forty Two Posts

Dear Brothers,

Good morning tiny humans. That’s what mama calls both of you. I love all of my humans. Today we had a most delightful time on our morning walk. We were sans mama and tiny baby, but that was ok because they had to do the milking once tiny woke up. As long as I have one of you boys with me, I’m good for a walk. I get too worried to leave you both at home and I refuse to leave the yard or house without my boys. You’re my people and I’m responsible for keeping you safe. You never can tell when the big humans might go off and do something, so I have to be spot on with my protecting job. Mama types for me, sure, but really and truly, I’m in charge of safety for this crew. That’s what a lab-plott-hound does!

Sometimes I get frustrated with mama and dada because they put me to bed on my couch blanket each night, but really I’d like to ideally have access to both of your bedrooms and snooze near you. I’m not really sure what the problem with sharing dreams, night howls and ear flapping or shaking is?! In my humble opinion, we’re all dream talkers and so I just naturally join in the party and help things out with my voice as well. I especially like to make things known by expressing my annoyance of tiredness through some heavy sighs. I do this when you’re not napping during nap time Irving. Oh, oh, oh, I hear you talking Leo! Time to go get you up buddy!



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“Mom why am I sitting here?!”

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