Two Hundred and Thirty Nine Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi there. I have a quick question for you little dude. Do you know why it is so hot outside right now? I don’t mean to harp on the weather and temperature topic so much, but this is a pressing issue for my paws. No pun intended. Or would that be paw intended? Never the less, it bothers my paws when it is so hot, even first thing in the morning! It’s as if we’re living in an oven.

So I have decided that from now I will use the toilet for all potty needs. I’m not quite sure how any of that works. So, do you know how to use the potty for these basic things? I have heard you listening to this button potty book a lot, something with a character named Elmo? He talks a lot about flushing, washing, wiping, opening the door, his baby doll David, and potty-ing. To be quite honest, I do not remember being taught any of this in my puppyhood. I do recall being booted outside to do my business every thirty minutes. I liked that though! I sniffed, and sniffed, walked around and around and sniffed some more! Sometimes I even sniffed the air to check to see if any new scent currents were headed my way.

Truly, the deal is, if I don’t want to go outside because it is so warm, please don’t tell momma and dada on me, ok? I promise not to sniff your bottom when you have business in there anymore… or at least I will try. Alrighty then, let’s shake paws and be done with this potty talk for a while. I’m sure it will come up again soon. 

Love you,


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Time to side lie on the carpet for nap #3.

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