Two Hundred and Thirty Eight Paws

Dear Brothers,

Today was an early one. I heard you waking up at 4:40 lil’ IRB.  Who knew I’d grow to love dawn rise times. Mama didn’t let me snooze on the bed while you fell asleep lil’ guy. I think that must be the reason why you didn’t fall asleep right away. My doggy powers work wonders on tiny humans.

Later, once you were in snooze town, we were all downstairs and the parents went to let me outside and discovered that my belly was upset in the night time. Admittedly, I ate some grass. It’s what happens when I do that. I was so excited to hear the neighbors outside by the fence and I thought just a little grass nibble would do me some good. Alas, that wasn’t the case. The foliage stayed with me all day and all night until it didn’t. I don’t mean to get sick, it just happens.

After some clean up, outside time, and breakfast, I’m now exhausted. I decided I would lie down on the floor near mama while she did some downward dog and exercises. She needs a coach near her to keep her on track, so I’m it. Well, I am until I fall asleep, which is where I am at right now. You might be wondering how she gets my thinking down in my letter, well that’s easy, we communicate telepathically and she logs it all here. It’s a pretty swell system. This system is finely tuned and honed by days of practice. I love you little humans. 



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Cuddle movie time.

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