Two Hundred and Twenty Three Paws

Dear Leo,

One of the reasons I love to snooze so much is that it powers me up for when we get to play together. Sometimes I don’t have quite enough energy to race around and around and around the yard one hundred times, so I have to lay down. Then you race up to me and tackle me, which, if I’m being honest, I don’t mind at all, I love it, but none the less, I need my sleep.

Another reason I love to nap is that it’s so relaxing. Us dogs know a lot about relaxing and allowing our bodies to refresh through sleep. I especially enjoy sleeping in the same space as you and your brother. This allows for full on dream transparency between the two of us. I find that it’s easier to transmit the proper dream code to one another, if we’re in the same room. We had the best dreams together when you were tiny. I loved sharing dreams because we would play, race, romp, snack, love, and laugh together. I do this with you when you are awake too, but mostly I enjoy our dreams because they are ours and ours alone. I love you buddy. Thank you for being my awake and dream buddy. 



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Mid-Sneezy moments.

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