Two Hundred and Twenty One Paws

Dear Leo,

Greetings small human! Did you notice I didn’t say, “tiny human,” as a reference for you? That’s because your brother is the newest tiny human. I have fun coming up with these references for my little guys. I love you both so much! I digress from the main point of this letter though. 

Yesterday, while on our second round of the neighborhood walk, whilst passing the cat house not one, but two cats crossed the road! I was so excited and startled that I tried talking to them and tried to pull dada over so we could socialize with them. No such luck though. That was slightly disappointing. I am a super friendly dog, and I am aware that cats are different than I, but I still want to be their friend. My best friend at the start of my life in this house was a cat. I loved to lick her ears, snuffle her soft fur and ruffle her feathers. She’s gone now and I miss her a lot. That’s why I like to lay in the extra bedroom, well now little brother’s bedroom and look out our window.

The last afternoon we had together we snuggled on her bed, and then she hopped up and gazed out the window with me and sniffed my eye brows. I knew that was her way of saying good bye to me. Bella’s my bestie for life. So that is why I am always on the lookout for the cat friend potentials out there. She taught me that cats are cool, and that they rule of course, but I just can’t get enough of them! Also, sometimes you like to answer questions with a, “Meow, meow,” so I’m thinking that you’re a fan of cats too Leo. You know a good thing when you see it!



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