Two Hundred and Twenty Paws

Dear Leo,

Thank you for taking me out on a walk with dada each morning. Sometimes mama and the tiny human join us. I know that you all go on an afternoon adventure together, but I love it when we are altogether as a family. The tiny human sleeps a lot and we don’t wake a sleeping baby, at least that’s what dada and mama say to us. So, sometimes we take walks that are not altogether and that’s ok. It’s a season of life with two little puppy brothers.

I love when you talk to me on our walks. You hold my leash sometimes, so that you don’t lose your way, but mostly we just go on our walk and search for kitty cats, diggers, flowers, neighbors, and dogs. Our neighboring husky dog friend hasn’t been out the last few days. Sometimes, when he/she is out I pull us closer and we have a quick little chat of, “Sniffs, woof woof woofs, grunts.” That pup has a giant old volleyball in the front yard that a little girl plays with. You always point to the ball and now you say lots of words, so naturally, you say, “Ball, mama/dada, that doggy ball, play!” I must exit this letter entry because I need more doggy sleep. It really takes it out of me to keep up with you all morning and then work on my writing with mama’s transcription, of course. Gotta go catch some Zzz’s.



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What are we looking for lil’ brother?

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