Two Hundred and Nineteen Paws

Dear Leo,

Hiya buddy! I write to you whilst sleeping on mama and dada’s bed. I know that you love their bed too. It’s pretty fun to sit up high from the floor on the coziness of bedding. You love to go under the covers and snuggle into a pillow next to mama. You both do that when the baby is nursing.

Then I listen to you read all the books from the giant book pile. You like to hold all the books now, turn the pages by yourself, and point to things in the pictures and tell mama all about it. I love listening to you describe pictures and photographs. You have lots of words that you know and can pronounce so well. Often times humans try to underestimate what us dogs can truly understand. I know a lot of things, and when I don’t know something I can decipher its meaning from what mama calls, “the context clues.” I figure things out by listening, watching, and learning. I’m hearing your little brother make tiny sounds from his bassinet. He wiggles around like a little glow worm in his snug blank-ie swaddle. I remember when you were a glow worm baby and hung out all day. I loved you so much then, and so much now. 



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