Two Hundred and Eighteen Paws

Dear Leo,

Today you played in this outdoor bathtub contraption. I did not attend the shenanigans out in the front yard. It was quite hot and my doggy paws and fur weren’t interested in the splashing circumstances. I watched you from the house and checked on my humans as you came into the house. You seemed quite pleased with yourself and the water. You did, “dives,” and would plop into the water and hold your head up whilst kicking furiously. Mama and dada got covered in water and laughed.

The tiny baby human sat in a buzzing chair and kicked his feet happily. Earlier in the day we went on a walk just the three of us, you, dada, and I. I loved the feeling of the sun beating down on my fur. You told me I was shiny and that I was a good dog. Right now I’m laying down next to mama because I need to always be her shadow if she is home. I’m her doggy, well I’m everyone’s doggy in this house, but she’s my person. She needs me, especially if the baby cries. I like to give him kisses and help mama with the boobie juicing business.

On another paw, but related, our beloved Bella cat sister, who passed over the rainbow a couple of years ago, she told me that I was responsible for taking care of everyone once she was gone. So that means I have taken on, ‘latch duties,’ and that I take care of the nursing, the caring, and the carrying. I think you’re waking up from your night time sleep because you are talking now. Mama is typing faster as I send her this message, because she wants to finish up. I’ll sign off on this one for now. I love you buddy.


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Mid-ear kiss pose

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