One Hundred Eighty Seven Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi buddy. It’s been a rainy and then sunny, and then rainy kind of Oregon day in our neighborhood. The big machines behind our house are rumbling again. They come out when our day begins in the morning and they make some interesting noises throughout their work. It’s been going on since the fall time. We have enjoyed learning about trucks, and forklifts, roofing, and deck building, but sometimes it interrupts my nap time and I don’t like that so much baby.

For instance, take this moment just now, something really large was just dumped into a giant dumpster and it shook our house. I was sleeping soundly on the bed and then the boom woke me up. Sometimes it wakes you up and sometimes it does not. Mama says there isn’t anything we can do to control that situation so we might as well not be upset about something that is out of our control. That reminded me of when the squirrels play with our toys in the backyard at night time. There’s not much we can do about that unless we remember to move our toys! Well, I don’t know if that is the same thing when I come to think of it. But anyway, noises are interesting in the human world. I prefer to stick to nature sounds. Those make sense to my doggy ears. I love you buddy. Have a nice nap dream, I’ll get back into snooze land to meet you there soon.



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Hydration station.

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