Five paws

Dear Leo,

Today we had a nice morning walk. I could tell that you had done the #2, but mom couldn’t. Humans have a hard time with their sniffers. That’s why I pulled us home at the end of the walk. It was time for the diaper deal and you needed it. No offense little guy, but sometimes you just need to listen to me. That’s why I jumped right up on the bed to show you where to go when we got upstairs. Mom had me lay down next to you, which is where I was going, she just didn’t realize it. 

You had fun in the baby pool thing this afternoon. I was very concerned about why there was an outdoor bathtub. You really wanted me to join you, but here’s the deal: I’m not going to voluntarily go into the pool, that’s like saying yes to a bath. That’s a nope! So I just like to drink the water instead and lay down in the sunshine and pant. You find all of my to-doings quite humorous. I live to serve!

Our grandma and grandpa visited us tonight and I really like to stay close by and guard you. Sometimes I like to get int the middle of a baby grandparent cuddle because I prefer for you to be near me.  I know they love us both, but still, you’re my baby brother. 

Nighty night, 

Your Kimmy-Kim doggy, woof, woof!

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