Four paws

Dear Leo,

Hello my little brother. Have I told you lately that I love you? Well I do. You’re my puppy brother, no matter how big you get!  Today, for the lunchy, you had, wait for it, pause for dramatic effect: PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH. Oh my goodness. It was amazing. First of all, I got to lick the knife mom used to put the stuff on your bread stuff. Then, I stood guard waiting to lick any of the peanut butters that might have fallen. And fall they did! I licked your fingers, your fork, and then the high chair table and plate when you were finished. It was the best-set lunch ever. Thank you. The end. Well, not really, night night though. You’re a tired baby!




Today the Grandma and Grandpa visited. I sniffed them a lot and watched you because I get the protected feelings for you. High paws!

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