Four Hundred and Forty Nine Paws

Dear Kimmy,

Hi! It’s me, LDB, golly it’s been a while since I wrote to you. I was thinking about summer time in our house. I loved having both mommy and daddy home with all of us. This morning we were greeting the tiny bro and he had some big feelings to share about diaper time. I told him, “It’s alright to be sad, it’s going to be ok, just you wait and see.” You circled around him and tried to lick his toes. I think he secretly enjoyed that even though he hollered loudly about it. Most days one of us chooses to holler, sorry about that Kimmy. I know your ears are sensitive, but sometimes I just can’t help, but yell back. It can be challenging to have a smaller brother; I know how much you love me and momma and daddy too. I tell myself every day that, “I am loved!” I hope you know how loved you are Kimmy-Kim. You’re a one of a kind dog friend.


LDB, the biggest little brother.

© 2019-2021 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Big and little paws.

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