Four Hundred and Twenty Seven Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello there humans. I was just reflecting with my paws. They reminded me of something, we survived the hottest day ever recorded in Oregon. How hot was it, you might be wondering? Well it was so hot that the parents hung a giant quilt up over the back windows, closed all the blinds, and we went on a super duper early doggy walk for me. It got to be 115 degrees, is that craziness or what?

It was so hot that I would go outside and just stand there trying to find some smells and bird chirps, but then I wanted to go right back inside, which of course, the humans accommodated. I went into hibernation mode and took all the same naps that you both do daily. I had a great time snoozing on mama and daddy’s bed underneath the ceiling fan. I was quite cool and comfortable. We also had another incredibly tiny human visiting with their auntie and uncle. You both loved playing with her. I wagged my tail and said hello from afar. Mama was a little concerned that this babe wouldn’t know what to do with my ninety pounds of fantastic fun. Ha! So I napped, enjoyed company, and the coolness inside our home the whole weekend. I’m glad that we all survived and are on the other side of wild heat. I’m all for sunshine little dudes, but not that much sunshine if you know what I mean! Now that it’s fall time, my paws tell me that they still prefer some sort of temperature in between the heat and the cold rain.



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Sweet tired doggy friend.

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