Four Hundred and Twenty Six Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello there human babes. We had a most lovely weekend filled with family time and Auntie Sheli. She’s been my auntie since before you were both born! I am the oldest child in the house, as we all know. Do you remember when she visited us when you were a tiny ‘not crawling’ baby LDB? We had fun with her back then too! You walked a labyrinth with her and Grandma Sara, took a nap, and I guarded you, and all sorts of things! We were pretty busy during our time with Auntie Sheli this weekend.

We made her some beautiful artwork welcome signs with lots of colors and swirls. I was going to help, but there’s something about my paws not having thumbs that makes a difference with the crayons. I supervised the artwork, so that’s how I helped out! Grandma Sara and Grandpa Jim brought her over to our house and we were so excited that we romped around the house over and over again watching out the windows for her arrival. Mama had me rest upstairs during the dinner time so that I didn’t knock over the Grandparents, sometimes I do that by accident. I often become so excited that I just barrel through or around the adults, because I figure that they can hold their own. Little did I know that they also flop their bodies or trip on my strength, like you and baby brother. Ha! I’m still tired from our weekend romps. I must go take a nap now, this was a longer blog for me to dictate!



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I’m sleeping and admiring my Auntie Sheli’s beauty. I needed my own couch bed of course…

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