Four Hundred and Ten Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello! It’s been a rather sunny few days here again. Although, I think that the weather teases me, if I am to be honest. First it’s sunny, and warm and dry and then it rain, rain, rained, and this cycle has repeated itself twice. Mama says that, “Three times is a charm,” I’m not quite sure what that means exactly, but we’re coming upon the third time with warm weather so maybe it means that summer will stay again?!

Last night I was minding my own business and watching for daddy’s return out the window. I rested my body along the wall and stared out the window pane. Mama cuddled with me and took a photograph of the two of us. We represent the female perspective in this house. I approved of the photo, although most of the time I get up and move or walk away when she starts with the picture business. I don’t like it when light flashes near my eyes, or sitting and being stared at for too long. There’s something about remaining in one position for too long and something staring at you, it’s like that in the wild too. I know this basic canine instinctiveness all too well, I’m quite in touch with my wolf side.



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Always gazing out the window, looking for opportunities to wave.

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