Three Hundred and Ninety Two Paws

Dear Brothers,

The. Sunshine. Is Truly HERE! Oh my goodness, my doggy paws couldn’t be happier. What can I say? I just love the warmth that the sunshine provides. There’s been so much heaviness this past year that I can hardly believe we have made it from winter to spring and now summer. Yesterday I laid out on the grass and the patio for a bit of time and just, enjoyed. I enjoyed the breeze, and the tickle of the grass on my nose. I enjoyed the feeling of the sunshine warming my back, but not at a burning hot state. Life just feels better when I am immersed in the sunshine. Littlest dude took in some sunshine with mama on a blanket in the front yard. I watched you both from the window, out our peek-a-boo window and I jumped to the side when they came inside. Now you’re on a big adventure bike ride LDB and I miss you. I am keeping mama and sleeping IRB company. I look out the window and watch the parking lot cars. I also watch the squirrels and birds pass by. It’s a whole exciting activity from the window realm. But, back to what I was saying, the sunshine, has returned. YAY!



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Lounging out the rest of these summer days.

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