Three Hundred and Ninety Paws

Dear Brothers,

Shhhh, do you hear that? That’s the sound of the first bird of the morning. Those flighty winged friends like to sing first thing in the morning. I especially enjoy the morning time because the air is cool, the scents flow freely in the breeze, and all is quiet on the neighborhood front. I like to watch the light shift and begin to brighten up.

But, alas, the squirrels began to stir and here I am staring them down from the window pane. Lately those little buggers have been disturbing the peace of our garden boxes. One even went so far as to pull not one but two tulip flower heads off of their stems and gnaw on them… the nerve! Mama was pretty frustrated about that. You know she waits and waits for those tulips to grow, it’s one of her favorite things in the world, the garden and the spring flowers. I get it, I’m a spring pup, I grew and grew like those flowers so that I could one day come home and be with you two.



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All cuddled up with dreamland to go to!

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