Three Hundred and Eighty Nine Paws

Dear Brothers,

One time I heard mama say the following, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Mama also says that I am her lemonade from 2016. Speaking of such things, my birthday is coming up! Did you both know that? We’re not exactly sure when my precise birth date is, but we like to say that it is twelve weeks before my gotcha’ date of July 19, so that makes it April 19. I like April. It’s a month you know… it brought me and my sister’s into the world and then later, to you all. I actually landed here on this planet before either of you did! Isn’t that cool? I think it’s cool because I found my way to mama and daddy, and then they found their way to having both of you. I think I helped the process along because I was such a great puppy doggy that they wanted another puppy, aka you brothers. When you were both in mama’s belly I would sniff, boop, and lean into you guys so that you’d know that someone was looking out for you and waiting for you to come and play. You’ve both been my loving companions thus far and I appreciate that. We’re together, but not alone, I like that.



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This way little one, up you climb!

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