Three Hundred and Eighty Four Paws

Dear Kimmy dog sister,

Hi! It’s me, the babyyyyyy, IRB! As of late we have had a lot of super great cuddles together! I’m growing now so I can sit up next to you super well. I even grab your body for balance and pull myself to you more. I love to do that. I grab your hair and pull sometimes, but I try not to pull your hair too much. One of my favorite parts of your awesome dog body are your ears! They’re super cool Kimmy! How come my ears aren’t like yours? I wish they were, I’d shake them, and grab them, and play with them all of the time! You’re so lucky to be a doggy! Sometimes I pretend to be a doggy too, but brother tells me that I’m a human, I don’t know what that means. I like doggies though, I especially like you. Thanks for the kisses when I was crying. They made me feel really loved.



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“Hi mom, thanks for rescuing me from the vet!”

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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