Three Hundred and Eighty Paws

Dear Little Humans of mine,

Hello dear ones! “Love, love changes everything,” I’m not sure what the rest of the human words are, but those ones stuck out the most to me. I’m lying on the bed with the mama. She’s typing and we’re relaxing together. We had a sunny-tastic morning time of play, romping around, yelling at shoo-flies, playing, screaming in the house, crying, playing, screaming some more, having a tantrum, and ending it with me helping you go back upstairs and starting the nap time. I’m the ultimate healer. I walked in between you and mama sitting on the floor working through your feelings. Golly, sometimes those feelings are so super big that you’re not sure what to do with them now are you LDB? Just know that, like what mama and daddy tell you, we’re right here with you. I’m always willing to give you a puppy dog hug. I hear that they’re super soothing. And, like I began this letter, remember that love, love conquers all, and it changes everything. See what I did there? I remembered some more of your human words.



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