Three Hundred Eighty Six Paws

Dear IRB,

Happy Birthday sweet baby! You were born on this day. So early in the morning that, admittedly, I didn’t get up off of the couch right away. I could tell something was up with mama when she sat on that giant yoga ball and then was leaning on the counter and doing the deep breathing she does. Auntie A arrived in the middle of the night-morning time to take care of LDB and I. I don’t know all the details about how you came into this world, but I’m so glad you did. Mama said you almost arrived in the car, so that’s exciting! I think you must like movement and so that’s why you arrived so quickly because cars go fast, right?!

It’s been a remarkable year with you tiny brother. You’ve always liked my kisses behind your ears. I’m your favorite mountain to climb, and climb me you do! We go on big carpet adventures and you love to fling things around the house now. Anything that has wheels or rolls is a favorite object of yours. You enjoy talking to me in your baby language, blowing kisses, saying, “All done!” Oh, and I almost forgot, you’re really interested in pointing to things and trying to grab my ears. I understand that they’re extraordinarily fabulous ears, but as mama says, “Gentle hands to pet Kimmy’s ears.” You’re working on all of that, and I appreciate it greatly. Happy Birthday little one. You’re our little bear, tiny person, and all around fantastic brother. I love you!



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Happy B’day Bro!

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