Three Hundred and Sixty One Paws

Dear Mama,

Hi there! Did I surprise you? I think I did! I bet you thought this letter would be for one of my brothers, ha, tricked you! Clever Kimmy here, reporting for blog duty. Sometimes I just want to talk to you mama. It was just you and I the first few days of my nurtured life, so I feel it is my duty to check in with you every now and then. Mama’s need a little love and reassuring presence every now and then now don’t they? You know what? I just realized something, it’s you, me and the boys during the week days when daddy is singing in his office and teaching all of the music/life/content that teachers do.

You and I work hard at keeping everyone alive, semi-complain-less, and fed. Owen the fish and I have made a pact to keep the noise level to a minimum because the other two human brothers have it all covered pretty loudly. Now, I do realize that Owen can get pretty rowdy, but you know beta fish, they’re always on the prowl, ha, ha, haaaaa. That was a good one huh? Where’s the drum set when you need it?! I love to make a good joke! I love you mama, that’s what I’m here to say. I love it when you pet my ears really gently, and when you clean my paws with warm water when I step in something gross. I love it when you cuddle with me on the couch, and when I can lick your toes to let you know I’m there. I love you human mama.



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