Three Hundred and Sixty Paws

Dear Tiniest of tiny humans,

Hello there. Did you know that one thing we have in common little one is that, we’re both always at eye level! Your brother used to be at eye level with me. He’s not any more. Suddenly, one day he woke up and seems to be much, much taller now. I don’t know how that happened. He grew simply, over night! The fun thing about him being so much taller now is that he isn’t at tail height any longer. That can be quite a challenging height with a tall graceful lab plott-hound doggy like myself! Why is that, you might be asking yourself?

Well I will tell you! I have the unique of ability of gliding through the air and pouncing ever so gently down with a solid plop whenever toys are in my midst, mud is under my paws, or boards are laid for me to jump over. I just love a good leap to a wag moment. Don’t you? Hmm. Well, the first time LDB collided with my tail and hindquarters was in the family room. He leapt across the floor and flopped big time on his belly. All the humans rushed over to him, but no one checked on me! What is up with that business? If I recall correctly, you seemed to be completely content on the floor, except for the minimal whining, but that is to be expected after a fall. I shuffled over and sniffed for an injury and gave you kiss apologies for any tail faults. Sometimes my tail has a mind of it’s own, what can I say? So, IRB you might be wondering what all of this information is for? Well, I shall tell you, it is to fore warn you of the challenge that being my best friend can bring. Watch out for tails, and if a tail spin should happen, just know this: I never mean any harm.



© 2019-2021 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Nose boop kisses. xo, Kimmy

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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