Three Hundred and Fifty Nine Paws

Dear Little Ones,

Greetings from this weekend vibe to you. Today, I fear to report that it’s a dreary one.  The sun was shining and all felt hopeful for spring yesterday morning. The sun began to set, and so did the my hopes, I know, melodramatic I am aware. There wouldn’t be a fantastic blog if there wasn’t a bit of drama though now would there? You were asking the most insightful questions yesterday LDB. You kept peppering mama with them one after another. Some of them included: Why do kids make so much noise? Why does Kimmy make that sound? Why are dogs making noise? Why do cats meow? How come my dog does that?

See what I mean? I didn’t know that you could ask so many questions in a row! I bet it felt pretty stellar to get them all out at once! I have a lot of questions to ask too, but it is rather challenging to do so with my dog language because I do not have anyone that can translate for me. Wait a minute, could you translate for me Baby I? I know that you communicate similarly to me. You have a lot of guttural sounds, B-b-b sounds, and m-m-m’s and some D-d-d.  If I’m being completely honest the human I should ask is mama. I mean, she is writing this here blog for us isn’t she? Ahhh, well perhaps at a later date I’ll inquire. For now I am going to enjoy my snooze land and the peace and quiet of my breathing. The rising and falling of my chest, and the soft patter of my paws moving, lulling me to sleeeeeeeep, off I go! Zzzzz.



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Sunshine days, paws and toes out.

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