Three Hundred and Fifty Eight Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello! Kimmy here reporting for blog duty. You are both napping, and so am I, if I’m being completely honest. Mama is always showing up and finishing these writings when I am trying to snooze. I get so pooped after our busy morning of play, puzzles, baking, whining, walking, playing, nursing, stopping, petting, you name it with an ‘ing, and it happens. I’m sure you get the picture. I had a lot happening this morning so, here we are now. Mama took a photo of me for yesterday’s writings. My ears were sticking straight out. Well actually, one was sticking up into the air and the other one was sticking out to the side. I’m not sure how I managed all of that, but sometimes things just come naturally for me. I’m just plain talented when it comes to the ear department of things.

LDB, you have the funniest little rituals that you do whenever you’re playing in the front yard. You love to take out your toys one by one. Then you play with them and line them up on the front walkway, grass, or wetland grounds. I’m not quite sure what it all means, but you do it, none the less. You’ve also been placing race cars around the house the last couple of days! You put one on the counter by the mask basket, one on top of your kitchen, and one in the couch where I like to sleep. What’s up with all of this huh? I love and appreciate your creativeness, but you’re quite interesting sir. No race cars underneath my derriere spot. I love ya lil’ brother.



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Baby banana fingers, and a patiently waiting sister.

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