Three Hundred and Fifty Seven Paws

Dear Brothers,

Today was a big day for the place we call home. Did you know that we live in a town, in a city, in a state, which is invariably inside of a big country? Well, we do and today we saw the inauguration of the next humans who make big decisions based on the people’s voices. Mama and daddy played the tv thing so that we could see the big change that was taking place. I was excited because they were excited and had happy vibes flowing. I liked the music and the voices of the people. That’s something pretty important that I have gathered from mama, “The voice and the will of the people,” she’s talked about that before. I know that I have a will that is rather strong, and so do both of you. So I know that it means something about what is important to humans. I loved when you were super jazzed about it LDB and running around announcing the flags and the people. That was excitement at it’s best. Cheers for a new era of what we hope will ignite all paws and not claws.



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All curled up like a puppy.

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