Three Hundred and Fifty Four Paws

Dear Brothers,

Today, I am told, is a big day for me. I turned five years old today! Do you know what that means? I go to kindergarten soon! Yup, that’s right, I’ll be enrolling in school any day now. I’ve been waiting and waiting for this day for quite some time. I’m just wondering one thing…can I take a nap whenever I want to, in kindergarten class? What do you say mama? No?! What do you mean no?! I love to take my naps though. My naps are, my thing! My naps are… essential! Oh golly, maybe I should really think on this school thing for a while. I’m just not sure if I’m meant to start school right now…maybe I could wait a while and start when you go to school LDB?

What do you think of that idea? I could be like Clifford the big red dog, and I could be your buddy and accompany you to school. Wouldn’t that be fun? We could go down giant slides, and I could watch you on the big kid swings, and we could eat snack together! It’d be so much fun! I like that idea a lot better. Well, now that I have that all decided. I think I shall go have a nap on the couch. I love you two! Thanks for the birthday accordion played song this morning and all of the extra hugs and kisses. I really appreciated being told how special I am, oh and all the peanut butter treats. I love our pack.



PS The banana baby fingers were delicious IRB!

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Happy Birthday hug pets and holds.

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