Three Hundred and Fifty Five Paws

Dear Tiny Baby Brother,

Greetings IRB! You’ve grown so much lil dude! I’m so proud of you. Correction, we are all so proud of you sweet baby! I just love how you roll onto your side to give me bedtime pet-pets. You always look for me on the couch, or on the stairs. You know my spots now lil bro! The other day you rolled on your mat to look for me and shouted out loud, “AaaaahhhhhhiiiI!” I know that’s your word for Kimmy because you say it many times throughout the day. Thanks for including me in your thoughts. I appreciate it.

However I would like to clear up the fact of the matter that we must practice open handed pets, especially when near my ears. Mama has been practicing how to give kind pets with you a ton, she says the words, “Soft, gentle pet’s IRB, nice open hand,” so I know that you’re getting the reinforcement that you need. So I’ll try and remind you of that the next time you pet my head baby brother. I love you! Thanks for rolling around on the floor with me.



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Flower babes.

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